Transformation of Sentences: Negative and Affirmative – Quiz

This is an objective / MCQs test. There may be single / multiple correct answers. Choose all correct answers to score full marks.

1. None but the hard workers deserve success. (Begin: The hard workers … )


2. Only you are fit for this position. (Begin: None … )

3. As soon as the match was over, we left the field. (Make it negative.)


4. As soon as I entered the platform, the train arrived. (Begin: No sooner … )

5. She was too proud to admit her mistake. (Use ‘so’.)


6. This topic is too important to ignore. (Use ‘cannot’.)


7. If I am not wrong, he is no more in service. (Begin ‘Unless…’)

8. We are unable to proceed unless you give consent. (Make it negative)


9. Rohit is taller than Sachin. (Use ‘not’)


10. This is the loveliest garden I have ever seen. (Use ‘No other’)


11. Always remember it. (Make it negative)


12. It is sad that she did not win the prize. (Turn into affirmative sentence)


13. Everyone knows Sachin. (Make it negative)


14. Mumbai is the busiest city in India. (Use negative)


15. India is a large country and also the largest democracy in the world. (Negative)


16. They will paint both the inside and the outside of the house. (Begin ‘Not only…’)


17. Shylock did not accept Bassanio’s offer. (Remove ‘not’)


18. We turned every stone. (Negative)


19. I am doubtful about the future of the project. (Use ‘sure’)

20. Unless you work hard, you will not succeed. (Affirmative)

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