Why I Like the Hospital

Why I Like the Hospital

by Tony Hoagland


Abhisara - The Tryst

by Rabindranath Tagore

Macbeth by William Shakespeare


by William Shakespeare

Still I Rise by Maya Angelou

Still I Rise

by Maya Angelou

She walks in beauty

She Walks in Beauty

by Lord Byron (George Gordon)

Nothing gold can stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay

by Robert Frost

Loveliest of Trees -Cherry

Loveliest of Trees

by Alfred Edward Housman

Strange fits of passion have I known

Strange Fits of Passion Have I Known

by William Wordsworth

She dwelt among the untrodden ways

She Dwelt among the Untrodden Ways

by William Wordsworth

To His Coy Mistress

To His Coy Mistress

by Andrew Marvell