Transformation of Sentence: Interchange of Parts of Speech

You surely already know there are eight parts of speech in the English language. Out of the eight parts of speech only noun, verb, adjective and adverb — these four are interchangeable. Pronoun, preposition, conjunction and interjection cannot be transformed in this way. And, in any “transformation of sentence” or “do as directed” grammar exercise, interchange of parts of speech is what you should expect to face quite often. Followings are the kinds of interchanges we commonly see in use —

How to identify Noun, Verb, Adjective and Adverb?

  • A Noun fits after ‘a’, ‘an’, ‘the’, ‘all’, ‘some’, ‘much’, ‘many’, ‘any’ etc. [an advice / much enthusiasm / the success]
  • A Verb generally comes right after the subject and denotes an action (do), possession (have) or state (be). [He advised us. / She succeeded in the exam.]
  • An Adjective always fits in “You are very ___” or “It is very ___”. [You are very enthusiastic.]
  • An adverb generally ends with “ly”. If not, it comes right after the verb. [He did it enthusiastically. / She sang well.]

1. Noun – verb

  • The poet gives an emphasis on this word. – The poet emphasises this word.
  • He gave us advice. – He advised us.
  • He did not get success. – He did not succeed.

2. Noun – adjective

  • In all probability, it will rain today. – It is most probable that it will rain today.
  • The teacher punished the boy for disobedience. – The teacher punished the disobedient boy.

3. Noun – adverb

  • In all probability, he will pass this year. – Most probably he will pass this year.
  • She joined us with much enthusiasm. – She joined us very enthusiastically.

4. Adjective – adverb

  • It is most probable that it will rain today. – Most probably it will rain today.
  • He was enthusiastic while going there. – He went there enthusiastically.

5. Verb – adjective

  • Mr. Roy suspected his peon’s honesty. – Mr. Roy was suspicious of his peon’s honesty.
  • Mr. Sen accepted my offer. – My offer was acceptable to Mr. Sen.
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