The Heart of the Tree Quiz

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1. The poem “The Heart of the Tree” is all about


2. Why is the poem relevant even in our times?


3. The poem “The Heart of the Tree” is a


4. The rhyme scheme of the poem “The Heart of the Tree” is


5. Henry Cuyler Bunner is a/an


6. In the poem, a tree is called


7. The expression “unborn eyes” is an example of


8. The expression “sap and leaf and wood” means


9. In what sense does a tree planter do civic good?


10. The poem “The Heart of the Tree” was originally published in the year


11. The man who plants a tree helps


12. In the title of the poem, the heart of a tree is compared to the heart of a tree planter because of


13. The figure of speech used in the line “In hushed and happy twilight heard” is


14. Who is called a ‘friend of sun and sky’?


15. Which of the following is an example of personification?


16. “Happy twilight” is an example of


17. In “a home to heaven anigh”, ‘heaven’ refers to


18. Trees help in


19. Whom does the poet address the question “What does he plant who plants a tree”?


20. A line which is repeated in every stanza of a poem is called


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