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Give an account of Mr. Oliver’s encounter with the boy and his reaction in the story “A Face in the Dark” by Ruskin Bond.

Last updated July 18, 2021

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What does the ‘woods’ symbolize in the poem “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost?

Last updated July 16, 2021

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But there are some other metals looking like gold. (Turn into a compound sentence.)

Last updated July 16, 2021

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Who can go without it? (Turn into an assertive sentence.)

Last updated July 16, 2021

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Answer these short questions from R. K. Narayan’s short story ‘A Horse and Two Goats’.

Last updated July 15, 2021

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What does the poet mean by ‘domestic’ in ‘narrow domestic walls’ in the poem Where the mind is without fear?

Last updated July 15, 2021

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In the poem ‘The Heart of the Tree’ by Henry Cuyler Bunner, why does the poet says that a tree planter plants cool shade and tender rain.

Last updated July 13, 2021

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What happened to the teacher Mr. Oliver in Ruskin Bond’s short story “A Face in the Dark”?

Last updated July 12, 2021

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Explain the cultural clash i.e. east vs west as shown in the short story A Horse and Two Goats by R. K. Narayan.

Last updated July 11, 2021

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Please give me all ICSE poem summaries and analysis for 2018 board exam. 

Last updated July 10, 2021

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