Transformation of Sentence: Degree of Adjectives

Adjectives can be used in three ways in sentences based on their degree of comparison. In any “transformation of sentences” or “do as directed” grammar test, change of degree of adjective is a common question type to face.

Let’s pay attention to how the adjective ‘good’ and its two other forms ‘better’ and ‘best’ is being used in the following examples —

1. Positive Degree – Rimi is a good student. / No other student in the class is as good as Rimi is.
2. Comparative Degree – Rimi is better than all other students in the class.
3. Superlative Degree – Rimi is the best student in the class.

Positive: as + adjective + as
Comparative: adjective + than
Superlative: the + adjective

Comparison between two: (Positive to Comparative and vice versa)

  • Rohit is taller than Mohit. – Mohit is not so tall as Rohit.
  • Rita is as tall as Nita. – Nita is not taller than Rita.

Comparison between many: (Superlative to Positive and comparative and vice versa)

Type 1:
S – The Nile is the most important river in Africa.
C – The Nile is more important than any other river in Africa.
P – No other river in Africa is as important as the Nile.
Type 2:
S – The Nile is one of the most important rivers in Africa.
C – The Nile is more important than most other rivers in Africa.
P – Very few rivers in Africa are as important as the Nile.

Written by , Last updated on December 29, 2022