Nine Gold Medals Quiz

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1. The poem “Nine Gold Medals” by David Roth narrates


2. David Roth is a/an


3. The poem “Nine Gold Medals” is based on an incident happened in the


4. In the poem “Nine Gold Medals”


5. Special Olympics is a competition arranged only for


6. The event the poem deals with was the


7. The event mentioned in the poem was


8. The athletes started to run when


9. The runner who fell on his knees was


10. The fallen athlete gave out a cry out of


11. The fallen athlete was frustrated because


12. The eight other athletes


13. The Special Olympics became so special due to the display of


14. Every one of the nine athletes was awarded a gold medal in recognition of the display of


15. The poem “Nine Gold Medals” teaches us that the world now needs more


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