FAQs on Englicist Services

1. What is Englicist?

Englicist is an educational website to help learners and teachers alike in the study of English language and literature. It is operated by the registered entity Englicist Learnings LLP from Kolkata, India.

2. What services does Englicist offer? Are they free or paid?

Englicist is currently offering (a) summary and analysis of literary texts, mainly poems and stories, and (b) a question-answer forum to answer any question on English language and literature.

All the above mentioned services are free.

3. Which board or university syllabus does Englicist offer help on?

Englicist currently covers the Indian school boards ICSE and ISC. We are also covering CBSE and planning to cover all major board and university syllabus in India.

4. Where is my question? / Why is my question not answered?

We try to answer all questions submitted to us. But if your question is not answered and it’s been more than two weeks, chances are —

a) You submitted a duplicate question which is already answered in the forum. Try searching the site using the search bar.

b) Your question was incomplete, irrelevant or too short and too easy, adding no value to the site. That’s why we removed it.

c) You violated our forum policy.

d) You submitted an incorrect email address and so the answer was not delivered to you. Your question may have actually been answered. Search the forum.

e) Your question requires a very lengthy, explanatory answer and our authors have not found enough time to attempt an answer for that.

5. Are Englicist explanations / answers accepted by the board or council?

On a general level, there is no stated rules as to the acceptance of a particular answer, especially in literature. Of course it’s accepted if it has sense. But in some cases, if you go against the standard accepted explanation of a piece, it may not be accepted by the board or council. Please ask your class teachers if you are in doubt.

At Englicist, the explanations and the answers are only for general educational purposes and do not contain any guarantee or warranty whatsoever as to the accuracy, correctness, completeness, suitability or acceptance. We are not affiliated to any board, council or university. Kindly read our terms of services page for complete disclaimer.

Any other query?

Please mail us at [email protected] or [email protected] Thank you.