The Bangle Sellers Quiz

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1. The poem “The Bangle Sellers” presents


2. The poem “The Bangle Sellers” is rich in its


3. “Rainbow-tinted circles of light” is a __________ for bangles.


4. The bangles are indicative of women’s


5. Silver and blue coloured bangles represent


6. A bride’s desire is symbolised by


7. “Our shining loads to the temple fair…” – Who does ‘Our’ refer to?


8. Which figure of speech is used in the line “rich with the hue of her heart’s desire”?


9. “Silver and blue as the mountain mist” is an example of


10. Bangles bring _________ to the women’s life.


11. The bangle sellers are trying to


12. “Bridal laughter and bridal tear” indicates


13. How many stages of a woman’s life are presented in the poem The Bangle Sellers?


14. Green bangles resembling ‘new born leaves’ represent


15. The reddish bangles are compared to


16. The reddish bangles like ‘buds that dream’ is suggestive of a maiden’s


17. The bangles suited for a middle-aged woman are


18. The purple and grey colours of bangles signify


19. The poem The Bangle Sellers has a rhyme scheme of


20. Bangle sellers play an important role in


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