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What was the incident when the speaker happened to lend a dollar to his friend Todd in Stephen Leacock’s story ‘My Lost Dollar’?

Last updated June 21, 2021

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What painful thought haunts the narrator in Stephen Leacock’s short story “My Lost Dollar”? Why?

Last updated April 1, 2020

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In the short story ‘My Lost Dollar’ by Stephen Leacock, what did Todd write to his friend from Bermuda. Did the note contain what the speaker wished to see?

Last updated March 3, 2018

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Why do you think did the speaker say “Let’s take a taxi up to the Club.” in Stephen Leacock’s story “My Lost Dollar”?

Last updated December 31, 2017

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In Stephen Leacock’s short story ‘My Lost Dollar’ does the speaker dislike the thought that he might owe others some dollars? If so, why?

Last updated December 1, 2017

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The human memory surprisingly remain strong in lender’s case than in case of borrower. By referring to the incident in the story My Lost Dollar by Stephen Leacock, show how the above statement proved.

Last updated August 13, 2017

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