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Describe the incident when Todd borrowed a dollar from the speaker.

QuestionsDescribe the incident when Todd borrowed a dollar from the speaker.
Pankaj asked 3 years ago

What was the incident when the speaker happened to lend a dollar to his friend Todd in Stephen Leacock’s story ‘My Lost Dollar’?

2 Answers
Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 3 years ago

The speaker’s friend Todd borrowed the dollar last year on the 8th of April, just as he was about to leave for Bermuda. He needed a dollar in change to pay his taxi fare and the speaker lent him the dollar that moment. All this happened quite simply and naturally and the speaker hardly realised it until it was all over.
Todd merely said, “Let me have a dollar, will you?” The speaker replied, “Certainly. Is a dollar enough?”
The speaker believes that when Todd took that dollar he certainly meant to give it back later. But it has been twelve month since then. Todd has probably forgotten that he owes a dollar to the speaker.

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dhaneeshram answered 5 months ago

Author’s friend Todd borrowed a one dollar on last year 8 th april for pay a taxi fare . But author (stephen leacock) did’nt forget as he wants to get it back from his friend (Todd).

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