What painful thought haunts the narrator in “My Lost Dollar”? Why?

QuestionsWhat painful thought haunts the narrator in “My Lost Dollar”? Why?
Shaily Bhardwaj asked 6 years ago

What painful thought haunts the narrator in Stephen Leacock’s short story “My Lost Dollar”? Why?

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Staff answered 6 years ago

The “painful thought” that haunts the narrator in “My Lost Dollar” is that if Todd owes him a dollar and has forgotten it, it is possible, indeed it is theoretically probable, that there must be men to whom the narrator owes a dollar which he has forgotten.

The very thought “haunts” the narrator because he realises that if he starts remembering and listing all whom he owes a dollar or so, the list might get longer and longer and he might find it a real trouble to repay the debt. That is why he likes to remain forgetful of all those dollars.

Actually, the author wants to present the general human tendency in a satirical tone here that we all tend to forget what we owe others but remember vividly what others owe us.

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Divyansh answered 5 years ago

The painful thought that rather comes in the narrator’s mind is that if Todd has borrowed a dollar from the narrator in similar manner the narrator would have also taken a dollar from anyone but the narrator does not want to give the dollar to the person whom he has borrowed a dollar from.

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