What did Todd’s note from Bermuda contain?

QuestionsWhat did Todd’s note from Bermuda contain?
Pal Mahendra asked 6 months ago

In the short story ‘My Lost Dollar’ by Stephen Leacock, what did Todd write to his friend from Bermuda. Did the note contain what the speaker wished to see?

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Jayanta K Maity Staff answered 6 months ago

In Leacock’s story ‘My Lost Dollar’, Todd sent a note from Hamilton, Bermuda to his friend and our speaker in the story. In that note, he merely spoke about the weather conditions over there and said that the temperature was up to nearly 100. The speaker got confused for a moment and probably realised that it was in Fahrenheit and not in Celsius. The note did not contain what the speaker thought would be in it — the dollar that he had lent to Todd when he was going to Bermuda.

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