Objective type questions on Television by Roald Dahl

QuestionsObjective type questions on Television by Roald Dahl
Avni asked 7 years ago

Please suggest some objective type questions with answers on the poem ‘Television’ by Roald Dahl.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

1. What is the most important the poet has learned so far as children are concerned?
The most important thing the poet has learned regarding children is that the parents should never allow their children near the television set.

2. What has the poet experienced at almost every house he has been?
In almost every house he has been, he has seen them gaping at the screen. They ‘loll and slop and lounge about and stare until their eyes pop out’.

3. The poet has used two words to indicate the children’s addiction to TV. What are they?
The two words he has use to mean their addiction are ‘hypnotised’ and ‘drunk’.

4. Why does parents let their children watch TV?
They let their children watch television because it allows them to do household chore like cooking and washing dishes without any disturbance. Moreover, it keeps the naughty children calm and away from doing nasty things like kicking, hitting, fighting or punching.

5. What damage do the television do to the children according to the poet?
According to the poet, watching television all the time is harmful in a lot of ways. It rots our senses and kills imagination. It clutters up the mind. We no longer can understand a fairy-tale or can think over something deeply.

6. What is the poet’s advice regarding the TV set?
The poet advises to throw the TV set away, install a nice book-shelf in its place and stuff it with books on various topics.

7. What will be the initial reaction of the children if parents throw the TV set away and install a book-shelf in its place?
The initial reaction of them would be some dirty looks, screams, yells, bites and kicks, or hitting their parents with sticks, as the poet feels.

8. What would be their final reaction about the book-shelf?
According to the poet, the children, with nothing else to do, will begin to feel the need to have something to read. And they would gradually develop a strong love for the books, as those would give them knowledge, wisdom, imagination and more joy than what television offered.

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