Give your views either for or against throwing away the TV sets from houses.

QuestionsGive your views either for or against throwing away the TV sets from houses.
Bina Mundhra asked 7 years ago

In the poem ‘Television’ by Roald Dahl, the poet advises us to throw the TV sets away. Give opinion for or against the poet’s view here.

Or, Do you think the author is being extreme when he recommends that television should be thrown away? Can there be a balance? What is that balance?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Well, in the poem ‘Television’, Roald Dahl is urging the readers —

So please, oh please, we beg, we pray,
Go throw your TV set away

But I would like to think it as a hyperbole or an exaggerated statement. This is not to be taken literally. The poem has been an eye-opener for many parents, no doubt. We should monitor and curb excessive television addiction of our children. But, not to forget, television is still a major source of news and information about the outer world. There are educational and training programmes too. Indeed it’s a good medium of learning.

The poem’s main concern has been the addiction to TV and indifference to books, spending long hours sitting before that ‘idiotic box’ and neglecting physical exercises and outdoor games. So, to state it clearly, I am against throwing the TV sets away from home but, of course, not in support of sitting in front of it for hours and neglecting study or work.

So, all in all, we should strike a balance between television watching, study and outdoor sports and games.

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Muskan answered 5 years ago

Television is a thing which distracts children’s innocent minds. They can’t do other things as they feel like watching television all the time, which is quite harmful. It’s better not to allow them to watch the television. As the poet suggests that the children must be provided with a book shelf so that they can get an interest in reading story books which is quite useful. Though it will take time for them to understand, they’ll surely thank their parents for this wonderful thing they’ve done.🌟

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Arnav Soni answered 4 years ago

Well the fact that the television set should be thrown away is just an exaggeration of the fact that television is impacting an adverse effect on the children.The television set is not actually a wrong choice for entertainment of children because it also grants the basic ideology of communication in the society forming right ahead.Basic sitcoms also are a nice example of communicative and as well as societal growth so in my opinion the television watching is actually not so bad whereas the long duration of watch time is blindly heading the children to the wrong path.Proper guidance upon the children while watching television is the actual propaganda we are looking forward to..(0_0)    

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