Why are some words written in capital letters in Television?

QuestionsWhy are some words written in capital letters in Television?
Ayush asked 6 years ago

Why does the poet Roald Dahl use Capital letters in some lines of his poem ‘Television’?

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Staff answered 6 years ago

The poet has employed capitalisation in some places in the poem ‘Television’ to mark the most important messages he wants to convey. This is for the purpose of emphasis and drawing our attention. Actually he has used capital letters in two places — first to convey the harmful effects of television addiction on a child’s mind and brain and finally to highlight the words ‘READ’. Dahl wants to warn us against the excessive watching of television and then to suggest the better alternative in the form of reading books through his poem. And the capitalisation helps him express his views more emphatically.

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Aditi Jaiswal answered 3 years ago

The parents, unconcerned about their children watching television, leave them free so that they can complete their household work and don’t realize what harmful effects it has on them. As a result, the poet states these lines in capital letters as he wants to lay emphasis on these harmful effects and is making the parents aware of them so that the parents understand and don’t allow their children anywhere near the television.

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