What is the most important thing the poet has learnt?

QuestionsWhat is the most important thing the poet has learnt?
chaitanya sai asked 2 years ago

What is the most important thing that poet has learnt, as far as children are concerned in Roald Dahl’s poem ‘Television’?

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 2 years ago

The most important thing the poet has learnt, so far as children are concerned, is to never let them near your television set, or better still, not to install that idiotic thing at all in your house.
The poet actually talks about the television addiction of little children. They neglect their studies and outdoor sports for watching TV all the time. According to the poet, it kills their imaginative and creative faculty of mind. So he suggests throwing the TV sets away from home and install a bookshelf in its place.

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Soumyajit Ghorai answered 2 years ago

There is not only negative thing in television. I’m telling this because through TV we can learn educational subjects too.

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Shaunak answered 1 year ago

But, children won’t be able to learn anything as they are going to watch cartoons  They can only learn educational things when they grow older.

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Muskaan answered 1 year ago

The poet learns that, parents should not keep a television set at home because it distracts them from doing other useful works. The poet also suggests them to provide a book shelf to their children so that they spent time in reading books. For this they may hit you, slap you, but one day they’ll surely thank you for this wonderful thing.

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Quadri answered 4 months ago

Its good for them who use it in positive way..
Television is good as well as bad.
It depends upon users how they use it..

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Aneja answered 1 month ago

The most important thing that the poet has learnt is not to let your children near your television set.

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Santosh answered 4 weeks ago

The poet says that he has learnt an important lesson about television. It is that television is an idiot-box, that makes the viewers stupid and dull.

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