The Little Match Girl Quiz

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1. What is the main theme of the story “The Little Match Girl”?


2. How was the “last evening of the old year”?


3. Fill in the blank. She crept along, __________ and ___________.


4. What was the colour of the little match girl’s hair?


5. How did the girl lose his slippers?


6. ‘Nobody had bought any from her’. What does the word “any” refer to?


7. What happened to the other slipper?


8. What was there in the centre of the table?


9. What smell was there in the street?


10. What is the irony of the story?


11. What did the boy think at the time of running off with one of the slippers of the girl?


12. “Granny! ‘Oh, take me with you!” cried the little girl.
What mental state of the girl is being depicted here?


13. “Whenever a star falls, a soul goes up to God.”
Who is the speaker?


14. “She was evidently trying to warm herself.”
Who is the speaker?


15. “Oh, how wonderful that was!”
What is being referred to here?


16. For the little match girl, the New Year’s Eve proved to be


17. What did the fire bring to the girl?


18. “Thousands of lights were burning on the green branches and gaily coloured, such as she had seen in the shop-windows, looked down upon her”
What does this sentence refer to?


19. The story “The Little Match Girl” presents


20. What features of a good short story are present in “The Little Match Girl”?


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