The Blue Bead Quiz

This is an objective / MCQs test. There may be single / multiple correct answers. Choose all correct answers to score full marks.

1. What type of a story is “The Blue Bead”?


2. The story “The Blue Bead” is full of


3. Which state does the travelling merchant belong to?


4. What were the contents of the locked chest?


5. What are the huts made of?


6. “Child!” — Who utters the quoted words?


7. How old is Sibia?


8. Fill in the gap with word taken from the story.

She came leaping like a _______ goat.


9. To which object does the Gujar woman cling to save herself?


10. — bang! — bang!
Which figure of speech is used here?


11. “Its shape wobbling in the movement of the stream” —
Which object is being referred to over here?


12. Which quality should we appreciate in the character of Sibia?


13. “She aimed at the reptile’s eyes.” — Which reptile is referred to here?


14. Who are the Gujars?


15. “Sibia saw them bob away in the current”. — The meaning of ‘bob away’ is


16. “In an uproar of bloody foam he disappeared” — Who is ‘he’ in the quoted line?


17. “With all the force of her little body, Sibia drove the hay-fork at the eyes” —
What kind of attitude is shown by Sibia here?


18. “creatures of great wet noses and moving jaws and gaunt black bones” —
What creatures are referred to here?


19. “They wore trousers, tight and wrinkled at the ankles.” —
Who are ‘they’ referred to here?


20. “Something did! I found a blue bead for my necklace, look!”
Which literary device is used here?


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