The Cold Within Quiz

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1. How many people gathered there, as mentioned in the poem?


2. Which figure of speech is present in the expression “bleak and bitter cold”?
(You may choose more than one)


3. The expression “cold within” means


4. One man’s poverty was evident in his


5. The story told in “The Cold Within”


6. The literary device employed in “their dying fire” is a ______.


7. The last man in the group was


8. The poem “The Cold Within” is a


9. The first commercial publication to publish the poem “The Cold Within” was


10. The figure of speech used in “death’s still hands” is


11. How relevant is the poem “The Cold Within” in the present day world?


12. Which person in the group was a bigot?


13. What is the rhyme scheme of the poem “The Cold Within”?


14. Two persons in the group of six were evidently selfish. Who are they?


15. The fifth man was


16. The poem “The Cold Within” may be seen as a  satire on


17. What kind of prejudices are depicted in the poem “The Cold Within”?


18. According to the poor man, the rich are


19. What do we need to survive in this world full of misery, as suggested in the poem “The Cold Within”?


20. Which of the ‘six humans’ cannot be called prejudiced?


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