Abou Ben Adhem Quiz

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1. Leigh Hunt’s poem “Abou Ben Adhem” is a


2. The poem “Abou Ben Adhem” draws from


3. Hunt’s poem “Abou Ben Adhem” has a


4. After waking up, Ben Adhem saw


5. “Making it rich, and like a lily in bloom” is an example of


6. The angel was writing


7. The poet refers to the angel as


8. “What writest thou?” is an example of


9. “Making it rich, and like a lily in bloom” – Here ‘rich’ means


10. While talking to the angel, Abou was


11. “Abou spoke more low” is an instance of


12. “All sweet accord” in the poem means the angel’s


13. Abou asked the angel whether his name was


14. Ben Adhem requested the angel to add his name


15. The angel met Abou Ben Adhem


16. The angel came again


17. On a metaphoric level, the ‘great wakening light’ which the angel brought can


18. The angel came back the second night with the names of those whom


19. The second night, Ben Adhem’s name topped the angel’s list because


20. Through the poem “Abou Ben Adhem” Leigh Hunt conveys the message that


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