After Blenheim Quiz

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1. “After Blenheim” is a/an


2. When and where did the Battle of Blenheim take place?


3. Who defeated whom in the Battle of Blenheim?


4. Robert Southey in his poem “After Blenheim” criticizes


5. The poet in the poem “After Blenheim” hails


6. The line “’twas a famous victory” is repeated several times in the poem. It is called a


7. Who indoctrinated the ideals of heroism and patriotism in war in Old Kaspar?


8. Old Kaspar is a man who lacks


9. Kaspar termed the battle of Blenheim as a ‘famous victory’ because


10. The world now needs


11. Peterkin found a large and round skull of


12. The ‘natural sigh’ of Kaspar indicates that he was


13. Seemingly, Old Kaspar was


14. Kaspar is here a static character representing


15. Peterkin and Wilhelmine are presented for their


16. Who termed the war as a ‘wicked thing’?


17. Which literary device is used in the line “‘Nay…nay…my little girl,’ quoth he”?


18. “They say it was a shocking sight” is an example of


19. Through the repetition of the words ‘famous victory’ the poet highlights


20. Through the depiction of destruction and loss of lives in the battle, the poet highlights


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