How has the poet enumerated things In The Heart of The Tree?

QuestionsHow has the poet enumerated things In The Heart of The Tree?
Lokesh asked 7 years ago

Show the way Henry Cuyler Bunner has used enumeration in his poem The Heart of the Tree.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Enumeration, the action of mentioning a number of things one by one, is one of the literary devices used by the poet to express his message. The poet’s aim is to show the greatness of that man who plants a tree. To make that possible he has listed a number of things that the man does by his good work.

That is why he has arranged the three stanzas of the poem to convey three different things. In the first stanza, the poet has depicted how plantation helps in maintaining the holistic beauty of nature and maintain the eco-system. The second stanza shows why plantation is so important for the good of our future generations. And, in the last stanza, the poet shows the work as a gesture of the man’s civic sense, love for his neighbours and his contribution to the nation’s growth.

Again, within the stanzas, the poet has talked about different benefits of plantation and its relation to human race. Here is a complete list of those.

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