In what way is the poem Heart of the Tree relevant in our times?

QuestionsIn what way is the poem Heart of the Tree relevant in our times?
Ankit jain asked 3 years ago

Does Henry Bunner’s poem The heart of the tree hold any importance in our day? Discuss.

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 3 years ago

Through this simple poem the poet Henry Cuyler Bunner delivers his message that a tree not only helps us survive in this world, but also brings us an ethereal joy, secures the life of our future generations and has a direct connection to a nation’s growth. Plantation is also a symbolic act of goodness that can inspire many other people do good to others. Thus this message is universal and time-won — true for all nations and all times. 
Moreover, in this 21st century, in an age where rapid and reckless development and urbanisation are taking their toll on the Environment, this becomes quite relevant. Though written over a century ago, this poem continues to prove its relevance and inspire people to plant trees even today.

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Aswathy prakash answered 2 years ago

The trees planted in the past is a blessing for our generation now, but we are ruining this blessing in the name of profit. The poem is relevant to us as the poet poetically represents the need to plant a tree as well as he enlists the rewards that it provides us. We are enjoying the benefits of the trees planted in the past likewise the upcoming generations also has the right to enjoy the blessings of the tree being planted now. A tree provides us with oxygen, causes tender rain, cool shade and what not? Our nature is abundant with fruits, medicines, timber, woods etc.

A tree enriches the economy of a nation. Henry Cuyler Bunner wants to convey the importance of planting a tree foreseeing the well being of the society and of its citizens.

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Fatima answered 1 year ago

The poem is relevant  in our times as forests are being cut indiscriminately for building houses, roads and bridges. Air temperature is increasing and there is a great danger to the environment due to deforestation and its adverse ecological effects.

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deb answered 12 months ago

The poem celebrates the joy of planting trees, the benefits we get from them and especially, the greatness of a man who plants the tree. This deed though appears to be very small, it’s not that what we all can do. In today’s world, where no one cares for any, the man planting the tree needs to be respected and the deed itself needs to be respected. It’s not a small deed but an effort to construct a better world, that too for all.

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Muskan kumari answered 2 weeks ago

The poem is relevant to our times for the benefits of human being and to survive in this world, they have to save the earth from deforestation and ozone depletion. 

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