What social and ecological benefits of planting tree does the poet mention?

QuestionsWhat social and ecological benefits of planting tree does the poet mention?
debayan senapati asked 7 years ago

How does the poet Henry Cuyler Bunner in his poem The Heart of the Tree prove that trees are indeed important for us to survive in this world? What are the benefits of plantation according to him?

Or, What does he plant who plants a tree?

Or, What does a tree planter actually plant?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

In the poem ‘The Heart of the Tree’ the poet has tried to give a glimpse of how trees are crucial for our lives on earth. According to him, the man who plants a tree also plants many things knowingly or unknowingly. The general benefits that the man brings to the others by planting trees are —

  • Energy: Trees are useful to beat the scorching heat of the sun and to transform the light of the sun to glucose through the process of photosynthesis. All the energy for life on earth comes through this way.
  • Natural beauty: Trees are crucial for the beautification of the earth with their high ‘shafts’ and flag-like leafy green branches.
  • Shade and rain: Trees give us ‘cool shade and tender rain’, thus indirectly helping in agriculture and keeping the earth green.
  • Wood: Trees have always played critical roles in a nation’s growth, as it helps us by giving woods for fuel and making furniture and instruments, houses, vehicles, ships etc.
  • Oxygen: More importantly, trees supply oxygen and keeps us safe from pollution. In short, without trees, life on earth would not have been possible.

The ecological benefits of plantation:

  • Trees make the home for birds and other animals and insects, helping to keep up the ecosystem rolling. Trees make forests and that in turn help the earth in many ways like giving home to animals and bringing rains and prevents desertification. Without trees, the herbivorous animals will be in want of food. That will lead to to a scarcity of food for the carnivorous animals. In this way, the whole ecological balance would be disturbed.
  • Trees assure the lives of the next generations, keeping the environment healthy and pollution free.

Social benefit of plantation:

  • About the social benefits of plantation, the poet says it is “blessings on the neighbourhood” and it’s a work done from “far-cast thought of civic good”. A man performs his duty towards society by planting a tree. He indirectly or directly helps so many people in many ways to live a better life on earth. Moreover, plantation is a symbolic act of goodness which alone can generate many other acts of goodness. So, the attitude of the entire society would change to a positive and helpful one. It leads to the nation’s growth in the long term. Such is the greatness in planting a tree.
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Jaanvi Mohnot answered 3 years ago

The general benefits of trees With reference to the poem are-

  1. A tree is the friend of sun and sky. In other words, it ensures cool, free, breezes and a healthy environment.
  2. The place where it stands is akin to heaven. As it shelters birds, one can hear their sweet songs in twilights.
  3. Trees create a congenial environment all around in which there is peace, beauty and harmony
  4. A tree ensures cool shade for us in summer. It causes tender rains. It gives seeds and buds to bloom into flowers.
  5. A tree is a symbol of forests’ heritage. It can serve as a living legacy for the next generation.
  6. He who plants a tree does civic good. All his neighbours feel blessed and benefitted.
  7. Trees ensure the growth of the country. As a country’s growth depends on the wealth of the trees.
  8. He who plants a tree yearns for the welfare of his country. In fact by planting a tree he plants a nation.
  9. Trees are a symbol for our still-born children. Thus trees link our present and future.
  10. Trees create a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environment.
  11. Trees improve the air quality by giving oxygen and reduce the heat island effect caused by pavements and buildings.
  12. Trees help preserve soil and support wildlife.
  13. Trees shield us from downfall of hail, sleet and snow.
  14. Animals like giraffes, pandas and elephants feed on the leaves of trees for nourishment. Fruits are eaten by monkeys and nectar by insects and birds.
  15. Many old trees serve as historical landmarks and elevate the town’s pride.
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