What are the THEMES of the poem The Heart of the Tree?

QuestionsWhat are the THEMES of the poem The Heart of the Tree?
Arhaan Aggarwal asked 7 years ago

What are the themes of Henry Cuyler Bunner’s poem ‘The Heart of the Tree‘?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

The poem The Heart of the Tree might actually have a number of themes, though the primary focus is on why trees are essential for human existence.

The usefulness of trees: This is the prominent theme in the poem as the poet describes how a tree helps in keeping this earth habitable. This is detailed in another answer here: Why trees are important for us to survive in this world.

Appreciation for natural beauty: Henry Bunner here shows his appreciation and demands the same from the readers for the beautiful aspects of nature. He wants us to love nature and its objects in order to help ourselves live better. The comparison of a tree to a ‘flag of breezes free’ and to a heavenly home for birds says it all.

Responsibility for future generations: In the entire second stanza the poet has talked about our responsibility to make this world a better living place for our future generations. “And seed and bud of days to be“, “The harvest of a coming age; / The joy that unborn eyes shall see” — the lines express this theme very well.

Duties to fellow men and nation: In the third stanza of the poem, Bunner talks about how a man can perform his duties towards his neighbours and to his nation by planting a tree. “In love of home and loyalty / And far-cast thought of civic good”, “His blessings on the neighbourhood”, “A nation’s growth from sea to sea” — these lines all convey the theme of responsibility to our fellow men.

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Sujal karnwal answered 7 years ago

In this poem the poet is on the way to create a good rhythm and it indicates that he loves the nature very much and wants to ask people to plant a tree.

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Jini answered 7 years ago

A call for a man to plant trees

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Ansy answered 7 years ago

Trees are needed for the nation’s growth. 

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amit answered 7 years ago

The poem discusses the usefulness of a tree elaborating on how a tree that is planted benefits not only the nature, a nation, but also contributes to the growth of humankind. One who plants a tree aspires for his nation’s growth.

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Mahek Agarwal answered 6 years ago

The poem The Heart Of The Tree discusses about the usefulness of planting a tree.Resposibilities towards fellow men and neighbours.Feeling the natural beauty as green has the beauty in itself and last but not the least the duty we need to do for the future generation,for the unborn eyes.

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HARRY answered 2 years ago

The poem has a number of themes.
The main message conveyed through the poem is the necessity of planting trees.
Makes us aware of how trees are beneficial for future generations..

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