What do you mean by ‘flag of breezes free’?

QuestionsWhat do you mean by ‘flag of breezes free’?
Ajit Besra asked 2 years ago

What is the meaning of ‘the flag of breezes free’ in the poem ‘The Heart of the Tree’ by Henry Cuyler Bunner?

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 2 years ago

By the expression the ‘flag of breezes free’ the poet compares the leafy green branches of a tree to a flag flying freely in the breeze. 

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Ritu Shaw answered 2 years ago

As a flag flutters during a gentle breeze, the green leafy branches of the tree also flutter and sway along the breeze.

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Diganta Chakroborty answered 2 years ago

The leaves are compared with the fluttering flag during a gentle breeze. As the breeze blows the leaves also flutters like the flag providing the fresh air.

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Amshik answered 3 months ago

The poet is telling that as trees are cleaning up the air, the air starts to move in joy. The leaves act like a flag of the breeze which shows the happiness of air.

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Viraj answered 4 weeks ago

By the above lines the poet is comparing the green leafy branches of a tree to a flag fluttering in the breeze.

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Ana answered 3 weeks ago

The poet says that the man plants a flag, that flies freely in the mild breeze. The poet here compares the leafy branches of the tree to a flag and the stem to a beautiful shaft or pole that stands tall

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Ankit bajaj answered 4 days ago

The man who plants a tree is not only planting a tree but he makes a free breeze possible for everyone because a tree one planted will grow in size covered with thick leafy branches which could generate wind and breeze.

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