The bangle sellers by sarojini naidu

The Bangle Sellers

by Sarojini Naidu

The Bangle Sellers Questions and Answers

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Write a note on the use of colour imageries in Sarojini Naidu’s poem The Bangle Sellers.

Last updated June 28, 2021

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In Sarojini Naidu’s poem The Bangle Sellers why do the sellers go to the temple fair instead of going to other places?

Last updated June 23, 2021

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Sarojini Naidu uses her descriptive skill to present facts in her poem ‘The Bangle Selles’. Discuss.

Last updated May 26, 2021

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The Bangle Sellers /by Sarojini naidu/Treasure Trove book /class 9th

Last updated March 4, 2021

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In the poem The Bangle Sellers by Sarojini Naidu, why has the poet compared red colour of bangles to the flame of the marriage fire? Or, Explain the line: some are like the flame of her marriage fire

Last updated January 25, 2021

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In the poem The Bangle Sellers written by Sarojini Naidu, what is the ‘shining loads’ and who are the potential buyers according to the poet?

Last updated January 6, 2021

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Bring out the main idea / theme / central idea / message of the poem “The Bangle Sellers” by Sarojini Naidu.

Last updated December 21, 2020

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In the poem Bangle Seller by Sarojini Naidu why are the yellow coloured bangles compared to the field of sunlit corn? Why does the bride prefer those on her wedding morning?

Last updated November 30, 2020

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Discuss Naidu’s poem The Bangle Sellers as Indian in thought and spirit.

Last updated October 23, 2020

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Which bangles are befitting for a maiden’s hands as described in the second stanza of the poem the bangle sellers? Why are silver and blue coloured bangles compared to the mountain mist? Or, What colours of bangles are preferred by the […]

Last updated August 13, 2020

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