What does Seattle want to convey to the White Chief in his speech?

QuestionsWhat does Seattle want to convey to the White Chief in his speech?
Shanu asked 7 years ago

What does Seattle, the Big Chief want to convey to White Chief in his speech that he delivered in 1854, Washington?

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Sagnik Saha answered 6 years ago

Seattle wants to convey his people that they have no other choice but accept the Great Chief’s offer. It is advantageous as they will get protection. He also draws a stark contrast between the vast population of White men and minute population of Red Indians. It is not possilble for the Red Men to go against the White men. If they grow impulsive, White men will destroy their tribal evidences. If the Red Indians accept the offer, it is possible that White men will protect the native’s ancestorial tombs. Seattle wants to console his people. 

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Chief Seattle in his Washington speech, 1854 wants to convey some message to the White Chief. He reassures him that his speech never changes and he always sticks to his previous comments. He demands the respect the tribal people deserve. He demands the freedom for the tribal people to cultivate their beliefs, traditions and also respect for their land-rights. That is the way he can accept the proposal of the white settlers.

he argues that there are fundamental differences between the white people and the tribal ones. The tribal people don’t like the proud attitude of the white people.

But he is not willing to go the bloody way of doing things. He thinks, people need to become more accommodating and reconcilable to make things done in the best way possible. He assures to be friendly enough if the white people show their goodness to them.

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Wasi ur rahman answered 3 years ago

White Americans and the Native Red Indians have one thing common death.

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