How are the natives more dependent on their ancestors than White men?

QuestionsHow are the natives more dependent on their ancestors than White men?
chandrani singh asked 7 years ago

How can you conclude that the native Americans are more dependent on their ancestors than the White people?

Or, According to Chief Seattle, how is the white people’s attitude towards their ancestor different from that of the tribals, the natives of land?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

As Chief Seattle says it in his speech, the native Red people of America are more dependent on their ancestors than their white counterparts. Their religion has been the traditions of their ancestors — the dreams of their old men, ‘given them in the solemn hours of the night by the Great Spirit;’ and the visions of their sachems. 
For every step in their life, the natives look back to their old people. They love and respect them very much. And that’s why they visit their resting places frequently to offer their regards or to find some solace. 
On the other hand, the white people seem to forget their ancestors way too quickly. They are seen to wander far from the graves of their ancestors without regret. 
This has been a fundamental difference to the way of life between the two distinct races.

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Anupurba Saha ACS answered 5 years ago

The natives believe that the souls of their ancestors remain in the magnificent mountains, murmuring rivers, deep valleys and always walk with them. They also believe that their souls guide them to do every action. The natives love and remember their ancestors always out of love and respect for them, while the white men have no love and respect for their ancestors.

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