Difference between the belief system of the native Americans and the Whites?

QuestionsDifference between the belief system of the native Americans and the Whites?
Komal asked 6 years ago

State the basic difference between the beliefs of the White Americans and the natives as stated in ‘Chief Seattle’s Speech’.

Or, Compare and contrast the Red Indian’s belief system with that of the White man.

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Poonam Saha answered 6 years ago

The Red Indians belive that people who are dead, continue to inhabit deserted land invisibly. The White men belive that after death, people wander away beyond stars and never return.

The Red Indians think that land is the possession of nature and human beings cannot buy or sell it. The White men think any land can be bought or sold in exchange of wealth.

The Red Indians belive that religion is based on the cogitations of their old men, given them by the Great Spirit in solemn hours of night and the vision of their sachems. It should be the tradition of their ancestors. The White men belive that they must follow the decree of their written Bible as their religion.

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Staff answered 6 years ago

There is a significant fundamental difference between the native American beliefs and that of the Whites. While the White people are more mechanical and artificial in their dealings with nature and their ancestors, the natives regard the same with high esteem.

Every part of this soil is sacred in the estimation of my people.

Moreover, as Seattle says, after their death the White people never return to the places they lived on, but disappear beyond stars. On the other hand, the native Americans love their places, the hills, the rivers and the people they lived with. So they return and wander in the place they lived on the earth. To them death is just a change of worlds.

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