What condition does Good Father give to protect native people?

QuestionsWhat condition does Good Father give to protect native people?
chandrani singh asked 7 years ago

Under what condition is the good father going to protect the native people? What is meant by bristling wall of strength?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

The Good Father in Washington made the condition that he would protect the tribal people with his brave warriors and wonderful ships only if they ‘do as he desires’. The white settlers wanted to buy their native lands but allow them enough to live comfortably. The natives have to accept that offer if they want him to give them protection from their ancient enemies far to the northward — the Haidas and Tsimshians — who used to frighten the native women, their children and old men.

‘Bristling wall of strength’ here means a stiff protection for the tribal people that the white soldiers will provide them with, if they accept his condition.

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Shobhit. answered 4 years ago

And their wonderful ships will fill their harbours

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