My Greatest Olympic Prize

My Greatest Olympic Prize

by Jesse Owens

What is considered as the greatest Olympic prize by Jesse Owens? Why?

QuestionsWhat is considered as the greatest Olympic prize by Jesse Owens? Why?
Arif Jamal asked 5 years ago

What does the author consider as his greatest Olympic prize in Owens’ story with the same name?

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3 Answers
Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 5 years ago

In his autobiographical account “My Greatest Olympic Prize”, Jesse Owens confesses that the German athlete Luz Long’s friendship was the greatest Olympic prize to him.
Though Jesse won four gold medals in the Berlin Olympics 1936, Luz Long was the man who encouraged Jesse when he was undergoing frustration and mental agony. Luz helped him qualify for the finals by giving him valuable tips. They shared their thoughts and became good friends. And what was most striking, Luz Long showed genuine happiness when Jesse won the gold medal. Luz Long was an epitome of the true sportsmanship and true friendship. That is why Jesse felt that Luz’s friendship was the greatest Olympic prize he had won.

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Mohammad Sufiyaan Khan answered 5 years ago

The 24 carat friendship between Jesse Owens and Luz Long was considered as the “Greatest Olympic Price” because even though Hitler was staring continuously at Luz Long, he did not mind to have a hard handshake with Jesse Owens for his victory.

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Nischal Srinivasan answered 1 year ago

According to Jesse Owens the greatest Olympic prize is the unbreakable friendship between him and Luz Long who died unfortunately in World War 2.

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