What was the Nazis’ Aryan-superiority theory?

QuestionsWhat was the Nazis’ Aryan-superiority theory?
Arif Jamal asked 6 years ago

What was the Nazis’ Aryan superiority or Aryan-supremacy theory, as mentioned in the story “My Greatest Olympic Prize” by Jesse Owens?

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Staff answered 6 years ago

Adolf Hitler, the Chancellor of Germany and the leader of the Nazi party was of the opinion that the Aryan race was superior in the racial hierarchy. Germans and north European people belonged to this class. So, they always expressed their hatred towards other races, especially the black African Americans. According to the Nazi ideology no man from other races could defeat the Aryans in any way, be it war, sports or intellectual capacity.

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Sakthi answered 4 years ago

According to the Nazis, they were superior.

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