What does the poet mean by ‘firmly believe’ ?

QuestionsWhat does the poet mean by ‘firmly believe’ ?
Asim Chakraborty asked 7 years ago

What does the poet Brucellish K Sangma actually mean when she says ‘I firmly believe’ in her poem ‘I Believe’?

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1 Answers
Staff answered 7 years ago

The poem, as the title itself suggests, is all about inspiring and motivating people to achieve higher goals. The poet has used the words ‘i believe’ repeatedly in the poem. And in the last stanza Sangma brings in more emphasis by using ‘But I firmly believe’. By saying it that way the poet wants to assert that she is really confident about all these she is talking about. Moreover, in this last stanza she brings us down to the ground reality of performing our duties before dreaming big. 

But I firmly believe I’ve to complete
The role assigned to me here
Where I dream and breathe.

So the poet believes in her own potential to attain success. But her belief is stronger about the need to work hard, to complete the role assigned to her. Only then she can achieve her goals.

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