How is “Dream and breathe” so important in the last stanza?

QuestionsHow is “Dream and breathe” so important in the last stanza?
Anonymous asked 7 years ago

Explain the line “the role assigned to me here where I dream and breathe” from I Believe.

or,  How is “where we dream and breathe” so important in the last stanza of I Believe by Brucellish K Sangma?

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1 Answers
Staff answered 7 years ago

The last line of the poem I Believe by Sangma is really important. ‘Where we dream and breath’ is this earth, the real world where we live. It may also suggest the family or community we belong to.

Throughout the poem the poet has inspired us talking about what she believes she can do in this life. But this final line brings us down to the ground and reminds us of our duties and responsibilities. We should not forget that we have to complete our tasks at hand in order to achieve any success.

So, in short, to make our dream come true, we should concentrate on our works at hand. Moreover, this life is very important, and we are lucky to have got one. So we should not waste it only by dreaming and doing nothing.

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