How does the poem ‘I Believe’ highlight the theme of women empowerment?

QuestionsHow does the poem ‘I Believe’ highlight the theme of women empowerment?
Priya asked 7 years ago

How does the poem ‘I Believe’ by Brucellish K Sangma highlight the theme of empowerment of women? Give a few examples from your observation in the modern world to show the need of empowering women. Or, What message does the poet send out to women in the poem I Believe?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Brucellish K Sangma’s poem I Believe is a poem that not only highlights the limitless potential of human beings, but also the need of empowerment of women. The poetess herself hails from a mountainous Garo tribe of India. Throughout the poem she talks about her belief that she can reach great heights in life and do extraordinary things that common people cannot. Its all about the self-belief of one’s potential ability to be successful. Actually she hints that the women need to come out of their ordinary and monotonous life and contribute to the greater causes of life.

Even in today’s modern world we often see that the desires and dreams of women are suppressed in a patriarchal society. Often we come across headlines where an underage girl is forced to get married while she wants to study and pursue her dreams. Often we hear that women are forced to leave her outstation job and stay at home after marriage. These occurrences only bring to light how low women’s position is in the so called modern society. Hence, Sangma’s poem is relevant enough in inspiring the issue of women empowerment.

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Prateek Poddar answered 6 years ago

“I believe” it is written by Brucellish K Sangma who i a female poet.She says that she is ready to take challenges which comes with responsinbilites

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