Sensory appeal of every object available in the bazaar

QuestionsSensory appeal of every object available in the bazaar
Anonymous asked 8 years ago

What sense does each object appeal to in the poem ‘In The Bazaars of Hyderabad’? (visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile, gustatory)

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Salif answered 7 years ago

The poet has touched upon all the five senses of the human body to describe the splendor of the Indian traditional bazaar.

Visual imagery is depicted by the use of vibrant colors — silver, crimson, purple, amber, blue, azure, red and white.

Olfactory senses are stimulated by the use of the fragrances — sandalwood, henna and the smell of flowers.

Auditory imagery is created through the music played by the sitar, the sarangi and the drums. Also the chanting of the magical spells by the magicians produces an auditory image in the minds of the readers.

Gustatory imagery that is the sense of taste is created through the portrayal of the fruits like lemons, pomegranates and plums, staple Indian food lentils and rice.

Finally, the tactile imagery which is the sense of touch produced by the bells made for the pigeons.

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