Which words suggest the poem was written many years ago?

QuestionsWhich words suggest the poem was written many years ago?
Tina asked 7 years ago

Which words in the poem tell you that the poem was written many years ago?

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2 Answers
Staff answered 7 years ago

There are certain words in the third stanza of Sarojini Naidu’s poem In the bazaars of Hyderabad that clearly suggest that the poem was written, or at least talks about a bazaar that the poet had seen many years ago. 

Bells for the feet of blue pigeons

This line suggests a time when the rich people like kings used to fly pigeons for amusement and also used them for communication.

Scabbards of gold for the king

This line also gives the same hint, as kings used to rule the states in India long ago. The poem was actually written in British India in the first half of the Twentieth century.

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Prakruti answered 5 years ago

The poem was written during the British rule. The words ye, scabbards, girdles represent this. Also the presence of blue pigeons shows the olden times

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