Why have the athletes been called “resolved athletes”?

QuestionsWhy have the athletes been called “resolved athletes”?
abhishek asked 6 years ago

“These were nine resolved athletes in back of the starting line”. Why does the poet call the athletes ‘resolved’? in the poem “Nine Gold Medals” by David Roth?

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Staff answered 6 years ago

(This poem has more than one versions. While in one version, the line is mentioned as above, the version printed by ICSE in the text book “Treasure Trove”, the line goes– “And nine young athletes stood there determined”.)
Resolved means determined. The runners were all determined to win the race and a medal as a symbol of excellence. Eyeing this very aim, they all went through hard training for months. Even their otherwise disability, for which the sports event is called Special Olympics, could not prevent them from competing. That is why the poet calls them ‘resolved athletes’.

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