Objective Questions on the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’.

QuestionsObjective Questions on the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’.
Urmila kumari asked 7 years ago

Please answer the following short-answer type / objective type questions from the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’ by David Roth.

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Why did the spectators gather around the field?

The spectators gathered around the field to cheer up the participants in different events of the Special Olympics Games.

Who is referred to as ‘young women and men’?

‘Young women and men’ referred to here are the differently abled athletes who came from so many countries to take part in the sports events.

Which final event was being talked about in the extract? What was the mood of the spectators here?

The final event talked about in the extract was a 100 metre track-and-field racing event.

The spectators were eagerly waiting to watch the final event of the day, as it was supposed to be a very competitive and interesting event.

“The blocks were all lined up for those who would use them” — Why were the blocks lined up? Who all are referred to as ‘those’ in the above extract?

The blocks were lined up for the racing event so that the contestants don’t get confused and change their lines. ‘Those’ means the athletes who would participate in the race.

Were the contestants well prepared for the event? Give reason to support your answer.

Yes, the athletes were all well-prepared for the events in the Special Olympics. We know that from the following line of the poem —

The ones who had trained for so long to compete

What did the exploding of the pistol signify?

The exploding of the pistol signified that the beginning of the anticipated race.

During the race who had bad luck? What happened to him? What were his feelings then?

The youngest athlete among the runners had bad luck. He stumbled and staggered and fell on his knees to the ground.

He was utterly frustrated and gave out a cry of anguish. He knew that his dreams and hopes were shattered.

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Devansh Mour answered 6 years ago

The participants were waiting for the sound of the gun so that they can start running.

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Devansh Mour answered 6 years ago

What did the spectators do?

Answer- The spectators gathered around the old field and cheered for the athletes

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Devanshi Mishra answered 4 years ago

Why had spectators gathered at the ground?
Ans- So as to watch and encourage the men and women who are participating in this Olympic Games.

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Chhavi Agarwal answered 4 years ago

The spectators gathered around the field as they wanted to watch the games and to cheer for the contestants.

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