Value of true sportsmanship in Nine Gold Medals

QuestionsValue of true sportsmanship in Nine Gold Medals
Urmila kumari asked 6 years ago

How does the poem Nine Gold Medals by David Roth show the value of true sportsmanship?

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Staff answered 6 years ago

In the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’, the poet shows the true sportsman spirit and how it was rewarded in the end. In a Special Olympics racing event, one of the nine athletes took a tumble by chance and lost all his hope of winning the race after so hard training. But immediately after he fell on the ground, the other runners stopped and came back to help him stand up on his feet. Then they walked hand in hand to the finishing line.
This incident was a display of true sportsman mentality and an eye-opener that the world now needs more such cooperation than competition. It was really inspiring and a heart-touch scene when they walked hand in hand, giving a message that humanity is above all. After this incident, all the nine runners were awarded with a gold medal for each as a recognition of their outstanding show of empathy and compassion. This was something that made the event really special. And by telling us this story the poet reminds us of he value of true sportsmanship and that it always gets rewarded in some way or the other.

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