Who is reminded of his past in the poem ‘The Patriot’? Why ?

QuestionsWho is reminded of his past in the poem ‘The Patriot’? Why ?
Harsh arora asked 6 years ago

In Robert Browning’s poem ‘The Patriot’ who is reminded of past happenings and why?

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Staff answered 6 years ago

In Browning’s poem, the speaker, a patriot is reminded of his past.
This is because his condition has has changed to exact opposite of what he had gone through just one year ago. At that time he enjoyed people’s trust and admiration which is now gone and he has now been adjudged a traitor and is sentenced to death. All the roses and fame have now been reduced to shame and death. Hence, the patriot reminds of his glorious past to ponder upon how short public memory is and how fickle human praise and glory are.

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Ambitious answered 4 years ago

The patriot reminded of his past . Because he was about to die as he got the punishment of hanging on the rope,and if someone dies firstly he /she remembers of his past

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