How did the crowd show their displeasure with the patriot ?

QuestionsHow did the crowd show their displeasure with the patriot ?
Raj Inder Singh asked 1 year ago

Give an account of the crowd’s disapproval and displeasure with the patriot in the poem “The Patriot, an old story” by Robert Browning?

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Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 1 year ago

The crowd has now detached themselves from the patriot whose achievement they celebrated just a year ago. As a result of their displeasure with him, the patriot has now been tried, convicted and is being led away to be put to death. This is a brilliant portrayal of the frailty of public adulation and memory and fickleness of praise and glory. A year ago, roses and fame, but today he is left with nothing but shame and death.
Now, no one is on the house-tops to cheer for him, apart from a few palsied faces at the window set. He is walking in the rain, with his hand tied tightly with a rope. Some angry people are throwing stones at him. His forehead is bleeding. Finally he is taken to the scaffold and hanged to death.

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