What does the person who plants the tree gain?

QuestionsWhat does the person who plants the tree gain?
Ameer asked 6 years ago

What does the person who plants the tree (the tree planter) gain by planting trees, as said in Henry Cuyler Bunner’s poem “The Heart of the Tree”?

Or, What motivates the man to plant a tree according to the poet?

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Soumya answered 5 years ago

As mentioned by Henry Cuyler Bunner,  planting a tree is an act of goodness from which other act of goodness will sprout.  So the one who plants a tree plants it  with a sense of loyality and aiming at civic good.  He loves his family, his nation,  his society, he is concerned about the future of earth without plants.  He planted trees so that humans can get food,  sap, wood for their use and much more products. His hand holds the future progress of mankind. This inspires him to plant tree for the betterment of today’s society as well as the future generation. He gets self satisfaction by doing this heavenly deed. 

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Staff answered 6 years ago

The tree planter does gain heavenly joy and a sense of satisfaction by planting the tree. As he  knows that he is helping his fellow human beings as well as future generations by planting a tree, it brings a greater sense of accomplishment. This is the thing what motivates him to plant the tree. Moreover, he enjoys the green beauty, songs of the birds living on the tree, the cool shade etc. in his lifetime.

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Manav Saha answered 3 years ago

The person who plants a tree thinks of his nation, his society, his family. He is also concerned about the future generations. He loves the nature and thinks about protecting it by planting trees. The person who plants a tree knows that he won’t be able to reap much from it, but still he plants it so that the people who will live after him will reap its full benefits. He gets a self satisfaction by doing this heavenly deed.

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