How does a tree convey loyalty of the man who plants it?

QuestionsHow does a tree convey loyalty of the man who plants it?
amit asked 7 years ago

How does a tree convey ‘love of home and loyalty’ of a tree planter, as hinted at in Henry Cuyler Bunner’s poem ‘The Heart of the Tree’?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Trees can purify and beautify nature, help in maintaining the ecosystem by giving shelter and food to animals and birds. It can give us cool shade and bring rain. Trees can also ensure a safe and beautiful world for our future generations. So, by planting a tree, the man not only helps himself, but also his fellow men and the coming ones. He helps in the growth of his nation and the entire world in turn. And all this is rather a selfless effort from his part. He is not doing it from a materialistic outlook to gain something for himself, but to help all. So, it seems like the man does it from his love and loyalty to his ‘home’ — his society, nation and the world. He does it out of his sense of civic duty and gratefulness to this beautiful world.

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