What does the poet pray to the Almighty for?

QuestionsWhat does the poet pray to the Almighty for?
Nidhi Goenka Agrawal asked 6 years ago

What does the poet wish for in the poem “Where the mind is without fear” by Rabindranath Tagore?

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3 Answers
Sadhana answered 4 years ago

The poet wants the people to be wise enough to lead a happy and peaceful life where they can enjoy their freedom well. The people should be fearless, logical, broadminded, knowledgeable and they should not believe superstitions. They should have a sense of self dignity and should be proud of the country and should be proud to be an Indian.

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Staff answered 6 years ago

The poet prays to the Almighty for a ‘heaven of freedom‘ for his country where people would be fearless, knowledgeable, truthful, dignified, hard-working, logical and broadminded.

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Nida Akeel Khatri answered 5 years ago

The poet appeals to the Almighty for political freedom from British. He also appeals for social, educational and economic freedom for the people of India. 

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