Purpose of writing Where the Mind is Without Fear

QuestionsPurpose of writing Where the Mind is Without Fear
Anonymous asked 7 years ago

What was the poet’s purpose of writing the poem ‘Where the Mind is Without Fear’? Or, What is the poet’s vision in this poem? Or, What could have inspired Tagore to write this poem?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

Tagore felt sorry that his fellow countrymen were not good enough to enjoy the freedom, even if they would get that. They were afraid of the British suppression. They did not have the sense of self-dignity. Most were ignorant, lazy and superstitious. The class and caste system kept the people away from each other. So, the poet wanted to express his feelings and thoughts by praying to the Almighty (God) for the good of his countrymen. He wanted people to come out from the darkness of all evils. His vision was to see his country as a ‘heaven of freedom’ where people are knowledgeable, truthful, rational, broadminded, fearless and hardworking.

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Nivriti Basantia answered 4 years ago

The poet wanted his countrymen to think logically rather than believing in superstitions. He wanted his countrymen to try their best towards perfection. he wanted his countrymen to be truthful and hardworking.

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