How are “narrow domestic walls” harmful? How to get rid of it?

QuestionsHow are “narrow domestic walls” harmful? How to get rid of it?
Anonymous asked 7 years ago

What is “narrow domestic walls”?

In What Ways are the ‘narrow domestic walls’ harmful to a nation? Need more explanation. Or, Why does the poet want people to be free from narrow domestic walls?

How can we get rid of narrow domestic walls?

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Staff answered 7 years ago

‘Narrow domestic walls’ are the barriers of class, caste, creed, colour, religion and other elements that divide people from one another. In most cases those are baseless superstitious beliefs and good for nothing.

‘Narrow domestic walls’ are the barriers that people have deliberately created to divide men according to their religion, color, caste, class and so on. These divisions breaks people’s unity. These often lead to chaotic situations and riots. Law and order is disturbed. Peace of mind is lost. And most importantly, the productivity and progress of a nation can be slowed down or halted. Moreover, external forces may take these as their opportunity and attack that nation. So, we see these are always harmful for a nation. And that is why the poet wants people to be free from those elements.

The most effective way to get rid of the ‘narrow domestic walls’ is to give people proper education. Otherwise they cannot realize that they need to live together to lead a happy and peaceful life. Only education, in its truest sense, can make people understand that the divisions among people are baseless and good for nothing. Moreover, the Governments should take actions like organizing fairs or exhibitions to promote communal and cross-section harmony.

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C.V.B.N.S. Prabhu answered 7 years ago

Narrow domestic walls are those divisions one creates in one’s own mind irrationally to separate one self from others. These are purely imaginary and have no ethical and moral basis. These divisions are the creation of one’s own prejudiced mind. Children are to be taught to listen to their conscience and follow it instead of directly trusting and following their mind which is often prejudiced. One should be taught that ideas are to be sent to the feeling part i.e., Conscience, for ratification before they are implemented. Conscience alone can liberate one’s mind from the narrow considerations like caste, color, creed, religion and region and upholds humanitarianism.

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