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What would fill children’s minds with joy if there is no TV?

QuestionsWhat would fill children’s minds with joy if there is no TV?
Vaibhav Anil Kumar asked 3 years ago

What would fill the children’s minds with joy when there is no TV according to the poet Roald Dahl in the poem ‘Television’?

2 Answers
Jayanta Kumar Maity Staff answered 3 years ago

According to the poet, only books can give real joy to the young minds. Once they start reading, they will find it interesting to read more and more books. That will give them the imagination and thoughts, the knowledge and wisdom, the satisfaction of mind and heart. And at one stage they will grow so keen on reading books that they will wonder what they had found in that silly machine called television. They will find the television screen disgusting and unclean then, as they will discover the real joy of reading books.

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Aneja answered 5 months ago

The books

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